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Dr. Gordana Dimković Telebaković

Dr. Gordana Dimković-Telebaković, Full Professor of English Language at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, was born in Belgrade. Her schooling began there and continued in Novi Sad, where she finished High School and High Music School (Piano Department), and graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. During her studies, she stayed in London and at the University of Bradford, UK, where she completed a course on contemporary English in the Modern Languages Centre. Gordana Dimković-Telebaković obtained an MA in Philological Sciences and PhD in Linguistics from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. As a visitor on attachment, she researched extensively on English for specific purposes at the Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Reading, UK, and on English adverbs at the University of London.

Dimković-Telebaković began to work at the University of Belgrade in 1979. She also taught English at the Centre for Foreign Languages of the Foundation of “Ilija M. Kolarac” for a time. Since 1993, she developed a four-year undergraduate English course at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, followed by a two-year English course (English I and English II), starting from 2000. A one-semester postgraduate programme in English for academic purposes, introduced by the Faculty in 1999, is also run by her. She currently teaches English Language 1, English Language 2, English Language 3 and English Language 4 to undergraduate students, and English in Transport and Traffic Engineering Science and Profession to master's students of this faculty.

Dr. Dimković-Telebaković is on the Editorial Board of the journal ESP Today, of which the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade is a co-founder and a co-publisher, and a member of IATEFL (The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), ELTA (The English Language Teachers’ Association), ESSE (The European Society for the Study of English), ALAS (Applied Linguistics Association of Serbia), the Serbian Society of Foreign Languages and Literatures, and Philologia. She is also a member of GLAD (The Global Anglicism Database) Network, being a scholar who is investigating the English impact on Serbian, as well as the issues of translation and standardisation of scientific and specialised terminology in the fields of telecommunications, postal and air traffic, road, railways and waterways transport and traffic engineering, and logistics. (

Since 2013, she has been taking part in the national project Description and Standardisation of Contemporary Serbian Language, funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and carried out at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  (

Her research interests include English for specific purposes (ESP) and English for academic purposes (EAP) in the fields of transport and traffic engineering, ESP and EAP teaching and learning at tertiary level, discourse analysis and genre analysis, semantics and syntax, more specifically fuzzy semantics, and the syntax and semantics of English and Serbian adverbs, as well as the semantics and pragmatics of verbs in English. She has also examined the morphological structure and semantics of English terminological compound lexemes, their Serbian equivalents and translation patterns, and Anglicisms in Serbian.

Dr. Dimković-Telebaković has fully participated in over fifty international and national congresses, conferences, or professional meetings, and has given a number of lectures and seminars, organised by the British Council and the Ministry of Education. She has published numerous papers at home and abroad, several book chapters and articles with prestigious publishers (John Benjamins, De Gruyter Open, Cambridge Scholars Publishing), and has edited one monograph and written a reader for her postgraduate students. Dimković-Telebaković is the author of the following books.


  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 1993. Jezik i vaspitanje [Language and upbringing]. Beograd: Nauka.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2003. Savremeni engleski jezik struke i nauke [Contemporary English for occupation and science]. Novi Sad / Moskva: Naše slovo.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2007. Some Explorations in Fuzzy Semantics. Timişoara: Editura Universitǎţii de Vest.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2013. English Adverbs in Theory and Practice. Timişoara: Editura Mirton.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2013. Studies on English and Serbian Language. Belgrade: Svet knjige.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2017. English and Serbian Language in Contact. Belgrade: Svet knjige.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2018. Engleski jezik nauke i struke: analiza primene u saobraćaju [English for science and occupation: Analyses of the language use in traffice engineering]. Belgrade: Svet knjige

Edited books

  • Dimković Telebaković, G. (ed.) 2013:  Foreign  Language  in  Transport and  Traffic  Engineering  Profession  and  Science – Strani  jezik  u  saobraćajnoj struci i nauci. Belgrade: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. Available at link


  • Dimković-Telebaković, G. 2000 (1995): English II for Students of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, second edition. Beograd: Saobraćajni fakultet.
  • Dimković-Telebaković, G. 2015 (1997): Testovi, zadaci i teme iz engleskog jezika [Tests, examination papers and essay topics in English], sixth edition. Beograd: Univerzitet u Beogradu, Saobraćajni fakultet.
  • Dimković-Telebaković, G. 2015 (2004): English in Transport and Traffic Engineering, sixth edition. Beograd: Univerzitet u Beogradu, Saobraćajni fakultet.
  • Dimković-Telebaković, G. 2012 (2010): Some  Elements  of  English  Grammar, second edition. Beograd: Univerzitet u Beogradu, Saobraćajni fakultet.
  • Dimković Telebaković, G. 2018. English Grammar for transport and traffic engineers. Beograd: Univerzitet u Beogradu, Saobraćajni fakultet.


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