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Pursuant to Article 60 of the Law on Higher Education (Official Gazette no. 76/05), Article 32 Statute of Transport Engineering Faculty, Dean of the Faculty made the
on the amount of tuition for study at the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade and fees for the provision of educational activities for school faculty 2009/2010

Article 1
This decision establishes the fees and the basis and amount of fees paid in dinars student and the person concerned citizen of the Republic of Serbia and tuition fees and the amount of fees in Euros, paid by a foreign national student services from the educational activities of Transport Engineering Faculty in Belgrade.

And case studies
Article 2
Interested person for registration in the first year of study shall pay a fee for application and entrance examination by the decision of the competent authority.
Article 3

1. Fee-paying students at the first entry I, II, III, and IV of the paid tuition fees in the amount of 90,000.00 din. 

2. Fee-paying students who repeat a year of study paid for renewal in 1000.00 din. (Per credit) 

3. Students whose study financed by the Republic of Serbia again 
year study was paid for the restoration 1.000,00 din. (Per credit) 

4. Fee-paying students enrolled V year students pay the tuition fee amounting to 45,000.00 din. 

5. A student adapts to the new curriculum after the statutory deadline 
pay compensation in the amount of 45,000.00 din. 

6. The tuition fee for self-financed students from the point first this article may be paid in monthly installments according to the following model: 


Number of War








9 0 .000















30. 0 00

30. 0 00





2 5.000






Fee-paying student who chooses to pay the admission fees in installments under an obligation to the registration of the semester to make a statement about the number of installments for payment of tuition fees, with the final installment payment must be made to the certification of the first semester of school 2009/2010. (February 2010). Years. 

7. Compensation for the renewal of Section 2 this article, all students can pay in two equal installments. 

8. Compensation for the registration of point 4 this article self-financing students can pay in two equal installments. 

9. All fees that are not specifically defined it is possible to pay differently based on approved requests / applications to be submitted through the Dean of Student Services Faculty. 

Article 4

Other expenditures


Subscribing to p olaganje examination before the commission (after three failed deposit)

5.000,00 din


The fourth and any subsequent exam p rijavljivanje

(For all learners)

5 00.00 din.


Issuance of certificates of examinations passed

8 00, 00 din.


Duplicate indexes

1000 +200 din.

by year


Eligibility bution for the transition from other faculty

4.000,00 din.


Recognition of the exam with them by local drug Faculty

(Per exam)

1.000,00 din.


Signing up examination after a fixed period

(Per exam)

5 00.00 din.


Signing up examination in emergency periods

(Per test) for all students

1.0 00, 00 din.


Late registration and subsequent renewal of the

5.000,00 din.


Out of school

10 00.00 din.


Issuance of documents with the reverse

5 00, 00 din.


Change module based on approved requests

(Without a commission decision)

4.000,00 din.


Change module based on the commission approved the request

10.0 00.00 din


Z equests approved for the suspension of rights and obligations of students submitted during the school year to 30.09., Except rest on the basis of   Article 92 Law on Higher Education   case of serious illness, referral to professional practice for at least 6 months, serving and dosluženje military service, child care up to one year of age, pregnancy

2.000,00 din.


Issuance of other non-standard attestation of certificates, etc., according to the demand (from electronic databases)

2.000,00 din.

each certificate / belief


Issuance of non-standard attestation of certificates, etc., according to the demand (from general archives of the Service)

4 000,00 din.

each certificate / belief

Article 5

Fees for graduate students will be


The fourth and any subsequent registration exam

1.000,00 din.


Eligibility and examination after apsolventskog service

800.00 din.


About dbran a thesis after apsolventskog service (charter 2000)

5 .000,00 din.


Defense of the final work after apsolventskog service

1.000,00 din.

the residual ECTS



Article 6

Fees for graduate students is not



Drafting Diploma

5000, 00 din.


Making a duplicate certificate

5000,00 din.


Issuance of certificates of examinations passed

20 00.00 din.


Issuance and certification of existing curricula

3000,00 din.


Issuance and certification curriculum that applied the statutes until 1996. The

5000,00 din.



Article 7

Fees for student email foreign nationals



Admission year

1700 Euro


Restoration of the

900 EUR-a



General Provisions:


  1. N is charged to issue a certificate of a student who used to exercise the right to: health care, military service, housing and dormitories, the use of food in the student cafeteria, credit, scholarship, family pension and the like.


  1. Fee-paying undergraduate s tudent who is out of school tuition fee is not refundable.

Master Studies II


Article 8

Master's degree student pays tuition fees in the amount of   RSD 40,000.00 per semester.


Fees for registration year, the student can pay in four equal installments.


Article 9

Interested person and master's degree student pays a fee for:


  • exam at the end of 12 months from the end of IV semester                               10,000.00 dinars
  • transition to the new program by the exam nepoloženo or unrecognized                         10,000.00 dinars
  • registration, evaluation, and their master's thesis                                                                  60,000.00 dinars


Fee from item 3 student pays the delivery of master's thesis on the evaluation.


Article 10

Assistant, employed at the Faculty of Transport, does not pay tuition fees for postgraduate studies in Article 8 and compensation under article 9 this decision.



Article 11

Interested person and a PhD student pays a fee for:


  • Application doctoral dissertation                                                                            RSD 100,000.00
  • evaluation and an oral defense of the doctoral dissertation                                                 RSD 200,000.00
  • issuance of certificates of odbranjenoj doctoral dissertation                                 5.000,00 din
  • Promotion                                                                                                                (Price determined by the University)


Compensation in the preceding paragraph of this Article shall be paid in stages.


Assistant employed by the University does not pay the previous paragraph.



Article 12

Interested person and doctoral student, a foreign citizen pays a fee for:


  • Application doctoral dissertation                                                                € 1,500-a
  • evaluation and an oral defense of the doctoral dissertation                                  € 4,300-a
  • certificate of odbranjenoj doctoral dissertation                                     200 EUR
  • Promotion                                                                                                  (Price determined by the University)

Recognition of foreign higher education document

Article 13

Person concerned citizen of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian national minority in neighboring countries and the countries resulting from the former Yugoslavia, earning the recognition of foreign higher education   correct fee:


  • undergraduate studies                                                                          24,000.00 dinars
  • and MA studies                                  36,000.00 dinars
  • Doctoral dissertations                                                               54,000.00 dinars


An interested person is a foreign citizen pays for the recognition of foreign higher education document fee:


  • undergraduate studies                                                                           51,000.00 dinars
  • and MA studies                                   72,000.00 dinars
  • Doctoral dissertations                                                               111,000.00 RSD


Article 14

Above amounts the person concerned is obliged to pay on account of the Faculty and University as follows: 2 / 3 of the total amount on account of the Faculty and 1 / 3 at the expense of the University.


Research and scientific professions

Article 15

Any interested person pays a fee to acquire:


  • title of Research Associate                                                         50,000.00 dinars
  • title of Research Associate                                                                60,000.00 dinars
  • the title of Senior Research Fellow                                                       RSD 80,000.00
  • title   Senior Scientist                                                               100,000.00 dinars.




Article 16

Students who finance their own to complete graduate studies pay fees in the amount of 150,000.00 dinars.

Students whose study funded by the Republic of Serbia, which repeat a year of study pays for the reconstruction of the   1st 66 0.00 dinars (the residual credit).

Tuition fee for the registration of foreign nationals is 2,500 euros.

Fees specified in paragraph 1   this article may be paid in two equal installments.




Article 17

1. Fee-paying students at the first entry I, II, III year, paying fees in the amount of 200.000,00 din.;

2. Fee-paying students who repeat a year paid by flunk 20.000,00 din.

3rd Partners in education pay 60% tuition rates from point 1. ;

4. Associates of the Faculty and PhD students funded by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology Development pay 60% tuition rates from point 1;

5. Collaborators on the projects that are implemented through the Institute of the Faculty pay 60% tuition rates from point 1


Article 18

Assistants and junior assistants Faculty of Transportation do not pay.


Article 19

1. Student foreign citizen at the first entry I, II, III year   pay the tuition fee in the amount of 3,000.00 EUR;

2. Student foreign national who repeat a year paid by flunk € 300.00-a.


Article 20

Fees for registration year, the student can be paid in four installments,   The first installment in enrollment, and the remaining three installments by the end of the school year.


Article 21

PhD student pays a fee for:

  • application for tender                                                                                                                                          5.000,00 din.
  • certification and certification exams passed                                                                               1.500,00 din.
  • changes in election cases at the request of student                                                                                      1.500,00 din.
  • costs of transition from master's to doctoral studies                                                                        1.000,00 din.
  • verification of courses from studies of Traffic or other faculties in the examination               2.000,00 din.
  • doctoral student who according to his written requires approval by the Commission for   PhD   Studies listens and exam a different faculty pay possible the difference in cost per case (in the Faculty of Transport Price is one case   25,000.00 dinars, and for foreign students 375 EUR-a).


Article 22

Payment of tuition and fees is made on account of the Faculty.



Transitional and Final Provisions


Article 23

This decision shall enter into force upon its adoption and shall apply for the school 2009/2010. year, if the decision otherwise.


Upon entry into force of this decision, the decision on the amount of tuition and fees no. 774 / 1 of   09.10.2008. and decisions on amendments to the Decision no. 286 / 1 of 06.04.2009., 113 / 1 of 08.02.2010. and 113 / 2 of 17.05.2010. year.






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