Saobracajni fakultet

History of Faculty

The Yugoslav Government, 13 September 1950th year, passed a regulation which was established in High Traffic School (BHS) as "the highest teaching and educational and scientific institution for
  • save higher education professionals for the exploitation of transport means of individual branches,
  • scientific research and participation in scientific problem solving in the field of traffic ..

fakultet2High Traffic School began work in autumn 1950th in its new building on the hill in Belgrade Ban (now Faculty of Forestry), it was executed at the same time student enrollment to the first, second and third year of study. In the second and third year students are enrolled with proslušanom first or second year of the related engineering faculties (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical). First school year enrolled about 140 students in the first year of study, a total of over 450.Uredbom Yugoslav government was transferred to the jurisdiction of the federal government regarding the high school traffic in the People's Republic of Serbia and the Council for Education, Science and Culture of People's Republic of Serbia has already abolished the fifth August 1952. The high traffic school as an autonomous institution and in-Obadiah to the former Polytechnic School (VTS) in Belgrade under the title "Senior Traffic Department (SSO). On that occasion, high traffic school building on the hill Ban ceded the Faculty of Forestry, and the Independent Transport Department received a very modest room in the technical school.

New student registration for the school year 1952/53 was temporarily halted, and the teaching of the Independent traffic department performed only for students who were in 1952. was found in colleges.

Through two years, namely the 28th May 1954th , the Council of Great Technical College has concluded that there is a need for education and traffic engineers in this respect should allow further work Independent traffic department. Immediately after this, the Executive Council of the People's Republic of Serbia passed a Decree, which allowed the registration of new students at the Independent traffic department from school 1954/55. and this year in the fifth semester. Autonomy in teaching, therefore, include not only the technical part of the study. General preparation of the studies (I and II year) students are graduating from the related faculties. New reorganization of higher education in Belgrade in 1954. disbanded the United Technical College and United Medical School, and schools which were located within these schools have entered the University of Belgrade. Regulation no. 361 of 28 July 1954th The Executive Council of the People's Republic of Serbia is resolved to Independent Traffic Department continues its work within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Over the next five years was not an essential change to the admission of new students at the Independent in the traffic department of Mechanical Engineering is still performed with only the fifth semester, that is only part of the professional studies.

The growing interest of economy of traffic engineers has contributed to the Council decision of Mechanical Engineering, 6th aprila 1959. year to the Council of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Transportation proposes the establishment. The University Council at its meeting of 29 June 1959th decided to postpone the establishment of Faculty of Transportation for 1960/61. school year, but already the school 1959/60. conduct a student enrollment in the first year of independent transportation departments in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Finally the Law on Universities, 8 June 1960th , the Independent Traffic Department at the Faculty of Engineering grew in Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Since the school 1960/61. in the transportation engineering faculty, students enroll in the first year of study. Faculty has since worked in very difficult conditions of the building of the Mining School in Takovska Street. 34 (number of classrooms and office premises with the dean and vice dean, and student financial department). At that time the faculty is also used in a small room and close the building at No. Topcidersko wreath. 8, where, in addition to classrooms and office, located library and laboratory for graphic reproduction. Operations and development of the Faculty there is a need for greater teaching and other work space, and are used and leased premises in various locations in Belgrade (in Sarajevo street amphitheater, classrooms, train more school, university workers, "George Salaj, People 'and Veselin Masleša).

Even in such difficult conditions Faculty of Transport is the maximum possible number of enrolled full-time students, taking care of extraordinary students, did not neglect the first stage study (on road, river and sea and air department), and organized and graduate studies. The first generation of graduates entered the school 1970/71. and until this year was organized classes for twenty-six generations of graduates.

At the beginning of 1978/79. school year Traffic Engineering moved into its new building at Vojvode Stepe 305. It has about 13,800 m2 of floor area (32 classrooms, auditoriums 5, 7, laboratory facilities, libraries, 86 staff, 18 offices, boardrooms, etc.)..

Today, the Faculty of Transportation has a modern library, computer centers, institutes, laboratories, and other publishing activities.

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