Saobracajni fakultet

Department of Material and Financial Management

Department of Material and financial costs


Department of Material and financial costs of taking care of material and financial operations of the Faculty include:

  • calculated and paid personal income of employees and associates, 
    and if necessary, issue certificates and statements of income

  • property records of the Faculty

  • invoiced services Faculty, credit terms and pay obligations for periodic and annual accounts and reports for the Faculty, Statistics, and Ministry Univetziteta posleove and other related material and financial operations.

Inentifikacioni Tax number (TIN) of the Faculty:


Bank account of the Faculty:


Saobraćajni Fakultet, Belgrade

Calls to:

  • 97 68-10 (scholarships for undergraduate studies)

  • 97 38-20 (scholarships for postgraduate studies)

  • 97 08-30 (registration exam for undergraduate studies)

  • 97 75-40 (in degree)

  • 97 45-50 (the rest - printing, beliefs, etc.).

  • 97 15-60 (certification, for the first degree)

  • 97 82-70 (job application for registration)

Personnel department for the MFP:

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