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Department of terminals in road traffic and transport


"... Under the transport, it generally means a set or complex of activities on moving people and goods through transportation means, from the source to the ultimate goal. The basic transport process passengers and goods represent the subject of work, and transportation equipment are the means of work. Based on these definitions can be formulated to conclude that transport is the only transport process. However, for the effective operation of the transport process in the execution of complete transport services, one must know that in modern conditions of development of transport technologies, the process of transport of only one element of the transport process. Loading, unloading, handling, storage, transportation, waste and the like are also elements of the transport process and not less important links in the chain of activities. To all the activities that make up the transmission process implemented, the necessary component of the overall transport system should do and places. points or nodes of the transport system for governing the process of satisfying transportation requirements and technological subjects and means of work, related to the main transport process. This places the point, that is, nodes are called Terminals. This means that terminals can be defined as objects that meet the transport-technological requirements of passengers, goods and / or means of transport ... "

Prof. Nada Milosavljevic, "Elements of the technological design of facilities in road traffic and transport", Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, 2003.

Members of the department:

  • Prof. Dr. Nikola Putnik, BSc. Eng. furniture;. (Kab. 233, second floor)
  • Prof. Nada Milosavljevic, B. Sc. Eng. furniture;. (Kab. 203, second floor)
  • Vladimir Čuljković, BSc. Eng. furniture;. (Kab. 507, IV floor)
  • Darko Vujin, BSc. Eng. furniture;. (Lab 13, basement)
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