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"The project business, organizational and marketing transformation JAT Airways", Institute of Transport Engineering Faculty in Belgrade, the Customer: Jat Airways, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2008

Project RAIRDev (Regional Airports Interaction for Regional Development) - Serbia: Converting Military Airfield Ponikve to Civil Aerodrome Uzice Client: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Uzice, Serbia (October 2006 - April 2008)

"Assessing market value of small aircraft, which includes PC Aviogenex plane Robin DR 400-180 YU-BPP, super yachts Blanik L-23 and RS-5394 RS-5395, sailboat DG 300 YU-4457, H4 HERKULES anchor and the sailboat trailer COBRA DG300 BG 67-32, Institute of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Vojvode Stepe 305, Belgrade, Serbia, April 2008. the page. 100

Preliminary design of heliports for their own needs on the ground in Dobanovci - transport - technology solution, Client: The company said: "BD Agro AD, Belgrade-Dobanovci, ul. Lola Ribar bb, August 2008 


"Analysis and Verification ASAP program performance takeoffs and landings Montenegro Airlines", Institute of Transport Engineering Faculty in Belgrade, the Customer: Montenegro Airlines, Podgorica, Montenegro, December 2007

"The project of building institutional capacity in the transport sector," hired as a local expert, Client: European Agency for Reconstruction and Development, Contract no. 04/SER01/07/005 Member, Ministry of Capital Investments, February 2006-December 2007

Preliminary design of heliports for their own use at the facility at Block 23 - traffic - technological solution, Client: The company said: "Projmetal" ad, Beograd, ul. Cvijićeva N ° 127, October 2007.

"Preliminary design of a traffic technology heliport GUČA for public air transport, Client: The company said:" PMC-ENGINEERING "doo, Novi Beograd, ul. Bulevar br. 2, June 2007.





Report by the Commission and technical review of the work done on the extension of superficial maneuvering airports Nis., Client: Ministry of Capital Investments, December, 2006

Audit report by the Commission for the audit of the project `` Main project lighting system for finalizing CATIIIb `` at Belgrade airport, Client: Ministry of Capital Investments, August, 2006

Report by the Commission for inspection and documentation of the work done Terminal T2 airports Beograd.Naručilac: Ministry of Capital Investments. The decision on the appointment of the Ministry of Capital Investments no. 119-01-0014/2006-65 of 25.09.2006.godine


Conceptual design of the hospital heliport traffic solutions for their own needs in a complex public health institution General Hospital''''Blazo Orlandić in Bar Client: JZU General Hospital''''Blazo Orlandić in Bar Republic of Montenegro, December 2006.





Options''to increase energy efficiency of transport processes in air traffic and reduce noise levels and emissions of harmful substances'', 290051, Tour Coordinator: Traffic Engineering, Belgrade University, Duke Stepe 305, Belgrade, User: The Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection Republic of Serbia, December 2005

"Assessing market value of aircraft YU-AKM, YU-AKD, YU-AKH with the accompanying STOCK-om spare parts," Department of aerospace vehicles, pp. 99; Client: Aviogenex, Belgrade, Serbia, June 2005



"Conceptual design of fixed air conditioning systems and aircraft electrical power supply to the apron on platform" A "and" C ", the Belgrade airport, pp. 152,''Airport''Belgrade, January-May 2003.

Strategy''aviation''the Republic of Serbia, a member team of authors, pp. 22, December 2003, Client: Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, Nemanjina 22-26, Belgrade

"Technical evaluation of the feasibility study done on the basis of the SECI Project tertiary air traffic in Southeast Europe", Airline Gamma Plus, Veljko Dugoševića 41, Belgrade, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO, October 2003.


Expertise''aircraft accident JAT DC-9-32 to the airport''BELGRADE'''', pp. 9, Department of aerospace vehicles; Client: IV Municipal Court in Belgrade, November-December 2002. vol.


"PROGRAM FOR MONITORING DIRECT EVALUATION OF OPERATING COSTS AND TOTAL COSTS OF FLIGHT", version V1.0 AG PADOC-R "to develop and support regional traffic, Aviogenex, October 2001.





"Feasibility study of the formation of an airline with two turbo-jet aircraft (B737-300), pp. 47, Mercury, Budva, January 1999.


"The need and method of using multi-purpose aircraft for up to 50 passengers and 5t of goods within the traffic system of the Republic of Serbia," pp. 24, Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Serbia and the Faculty of Transport, Department of Air Vehicles, Belgrade, June 1999.

"Potential types of Russian aircraft manufacturer for TASA Airlines (Dominican Republic)", ref.0106/09/1999, pp. 15, Figure 8 pp. 24, Department of Aeronautical Vehicles and ABBA Aeroinzinjering, Belgrade, August-September 1999.


"The program for monitoring the effects realized by network traffic lines Montenegro Airlines", a program developed in Visual Basic version 5.0, ref. 0103/08/1998, pp. 33, Figure 32, ISF, Belgrade, 1998.


"Windows Application for Estimating Total Costs (A319-100 and B737-700)", ref. number 0102/03/1998, pp. 22, Belgrade, 1998, (letter dated 27-Apr-98 positively assessed by the Airbus-a).


"Program for Calculating Total Operating Costs for Aircraft Up-228" Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, January 1998.


Program for Evaluation of Aircraft Montenegro Airlines ", pp. 51, ISF, Belgrade, 1998.



"Effect of Payload on the Profitability Ratio (Revenue / Total Cost), Example compare CRJ-100 and Saab2000" Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, May 1997th


"Effect of Payload on the Profitability Ratio (Revenue / Total Cost), Example: Do-328 Aircraft," Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, May 1997th


"Effect of Payload on the Profitability Ratio (Revenue / Total Cost), Example: Aircraft A 340-300," Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, May 1997th


"Effect of Payload on the Profitability Ratio (Revenue / Total Cost), Example: Aircraft Saab 2000," Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, May 1997 ..


"Effect of Payload on the Profitability Ratio (Revenue / Total Cost), Example: Aircraft CRJ-100," Software in MS Excel, Belgrade, May 1997th


"The possibilities of using the airport Vrsac in public air transport", December 1997., Pp. 28, head of research


"Assessment of the effects of doing business in the first year of operation Airlines Montenegro Airlines, Podgorica, 1996.


"The study of noise impact of airport air traffic Pancevo on the environment," VI-Utva Pancevo, pp. 26, Belgrade, 1995.


"Improving air traffic procedures and defining the conditions of operation of aircraft for regional transportation," Innovation Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia, project number of record I.5.0754, Belgrade,










"The study needs and capabilities of enterprises was formed to carry out air traffic in UNIS," co-author, ISF, Belgrade, 1990.




"Preliminary iglavni project information system of goods and the customs warehouse at Belgrade airport," RO-Informatics Engineering, Belgrade, 1989.

"Analysis of needs and possibilities of using domestically produced container LD3 in airplanes, ISF, Belgrade, 1989.





"The project of reconstruction Cessna 421B except travel and photogrammetric version", co-author, NIRO IKS, Belgrade, 1987.


"Explore the possibility of a large transport aircraft engine size and weight of a special vehicle, ISF, Belgrade, 1987.



"Preliminary technological solution passenger terminal at the airport Ohrid, NIRO IKS, Belgrade, 1986.


"The reconstruction project Ohrid airport maneuvering area, NIRO IKS, Belgrade, 1986.


"The impact of air traffic and noise requirements for noise control for homes and other buildings in the settlement of the projected area west of Dr Ivan Ribar street in New Belgrade, ISF, Belgrade, 1986.


"Study on the marking of the parking position and movement of aircraft on the airport platform Ohrid, NIRO IKS, Belgrade, 1985.


"Finishing Regulations on organization and systematization of jobs and tasks RO Airport Banja Luka, Belgrade, 1985.


"The study of fitting heliports in the MMA environment in terms of noise impact of air traffic, RO AEROINŽENJERING, Belgrade, 1985.


"Study the organization of the Mostar airport in the new conditions by introducing the aircraft DHC-7", Belgrade, 1984.


"Explore a modern and economically more appropriate system for the use of aircraft in the PKB, RO INI" PKB Agroekonomik ", Belgrade, 1984.




"Study of the impact of noise from air traffic Bovec airport on the environment", ISF, Belgrade, 1982.


"Comparative analysis of direct operating costs HS748 aircraft, F27 MK600 and DHC-7", ISF, Belgrade, 1982.



"The study of fitting Split airport to the environment in terms of noise generated by air traffic airport, ISF, Belgrade, 1981.


"The study of fitting Ljubljana airport to the environment in terms of noise generated by air traffic airport, ISF, Belgrade, 1981.


"A study of reconstruction and Modernisation of Ohrid airport-transportation economic analysis", ISF, Belgrade, 1981.


"Analysis of the bid specifications for the internal transport aircraft (F27, HS748 and DHC-7) and development of the main specifications of the aircraft for the tourist-Unis", ISF, Belgrade, 1981.


"Explore the possibility to transport a maximum payload from the airport Ohrid existing fleet of Yugoslav air carriers", ISF, Belgrade, 1981.



"Study Pelagonija airport, ISF, Belgrade, 1980.



"The study of air traffic and airport network in the Federal Republic of Macedonia", ISF, Belgrade, 1979.

"The study of the needs and opportunities for development of air transport in SR Bosnia and Herzegovina" ISF, Belgrade, 1979.


"Study after study of staffing levels and number of qualifications with job systematization in Osijek Airport, ISF, Belgrade, 1979.


"The development of transport aircraft with a comparative analysis of the Ty-134C aircraft, F28 MK4000, and An-26", ISF, Belgrade,

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