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25-28. May, 2010., Prof.. Slobodan Gvozdenovic as a visiting professor lectured at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transportation, University of Ljubljana. 


18. March 2009., prof. Slobodan Gvozdenovic was a mentor master's thesis Aleksandra Knezevic, a military pilot and graduate students at the Faculty of Transport entitled "Selection of multi-type aircraft (for example the Republic of Serbia)" 

25. March 2009. Department visited the American cadets. On that occasion, Mr. Peter Mirosavljević presented Laboratory of aviation transport assets - Flight Lab. 


21.02.2008.god. professors and associates of the Department of Air Transport University in Žilina, presented the Department of Aviation funds transportation-Flight Lab. 


26. June 2007. Department visited the pilots of the Military Flight Academy in Greece. Mr. Peter Mirosavljević with the Department of aerospace vehicles is presented Laboratory of aviation transportation funds-Flight Lab. 

Pages in aviation journals: 

S. Gvozdenovic 
"Regional jet vs. turboprop" 
Aerosvet International 4/june 1991st 

S. Gvozdenovic 
How to link Serbia by plane, " 
Aerosvet 3 / 1992. 

S. Gvozdenovic 
"The crisis JAT and loss of identity", 
JAT News 629/92. 

Mr. Peter and Mr. Mirosavljević Olja Čokorilo members of Serbian Chamber of Engineers and designers are responsible transportation. 

Mr. Olja Čokorilo ended Course Project Scope Management (Eurocontrol). 

Mr. Peter and Mr. Mirosavljević Olja Čokorilo have completed the course "ICAO Safety Management System (SMS). 


BELGRADE UNIVERSITY IS THE AUTHOR Olji Vujic, Title, "Human Factor Modelling for Fast Time Simulations", EUROCONTROL CRDS, Budapest, Hungary, 2002 ( / crds / documents.html) awarded for BEST PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STUDENTS 2002. YEAR.
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