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Information on loans

The right to sudentski loans have students whose higher education institutions established by the Republic of Serbia, who are enrolled for the first time in the current school year to study first, second or third degree, whose schooling financed by the Republic of Serbia. 
Students who were enrolled from the budget next year of study the tender documents (brochure-set of forms) submitted at the counter of Student Services Faculty for a period of 01 - 31 October this year. 

Sequence for the allocation of student loans is determined by: 
• the success achieved in their previous education as follows: 
- Overall achievement in the final year of high school - for students and year (freshmen) 
- Or the success of the previous completed year of study for students of other years of study 
• efficiency study 
• socio-ekonimskog status of the family (socio-economic status of families is determined by the average total mesečenih passes per family studies students of other years). 

Ranking is based on the documents. 

Students Master studies and doctoral students who are not employed, who immediately after the basic studies of second grade continue bidding documents (brochure-set of forms submitted at the counter of Student Services Faculty. 
The criteria for determining the order of the candidate are defined by performance in the previous education and socio-economic status of families. 

Students pay a student loan in 10 equal monthly installments. Check for the loan. Students receive the counter Student Services faculty. 

For any other information you can contact us by phone 011/3091-250 (Traffic Engineering)
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