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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Division of Airports and Air Traffic Safety ( is located in Vojvode Stepe 305, indicated by the red dot on the map below.

 Currency and other useful info

The official currency in Serbia is Serbian dinar (RSD). 
As of February 2011: 1 EUR ≈ 105 RSD.

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Local transportation
in Belgrade

Tram lines 9, 10 and 14,
and bus line 33 run directly to the FTTE (route denoted by blue line on the map above) via the stop on “Slavija” square (stop on the beginning of “Bulevar Oslobodjenja” street, direction towards “Banjica”). You should allow about 20 minutes by tram or bus to reach the Faculty from “Slavija” (you should get off at that stop – 13th from Slavija by tram, 12th by bus, the Faculty building will be on your left-hand side).


“Slavija” square is within 20 minutes walk from the Republic Square (in Serbian: “Trg Republike”, the very centre of the city), but can also be reached from downtown Belgrade using trolley buses 19, 21, 22, 22L and 29, and bus 31.Tickets for public transport (buses, trams and trolleybuses) can be bought on kiosks (newsstands) near public transport stops, as well as on-board vehicles. The single-ride ticket for daily traffic (04-24h) costs 50 RSD (about EUR 0.48) if bought on kiosk, or 100 RSD (about EUR 0.95) if you buy from the driver. The single-ride ticket for night traffic (00-04h) costs 120 RSD (EUR 1.14).

Airport-city transport

Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport is located 18km west of Belgrade downtown.

will take you from the airport to the city centre in about 25 minutes (might take longer during peak hours) and the ride should be around EUR 15. There is also public transportation, bus line 72, which will take you to “Zeleni venac”, which is 5min on foot from the very center of the city, Republic Square. The single-ride ticket for daily traffic (04-24h) costs 80 RSD (about EUR 0.76) if bought on kiosk, or 120 RSD (about EUR 1.14) if you buy from the driver. You have to ask for the tickets for both 1st and 2nd zone.

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