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On September 30, 2010 Dr Daniel Delahaye, Professor and Researcher from French Civil Aviation University - ENAC (Toulouse, France) visited the Division and gave three lectures on:
# "Conflict resolution by B-Spline and Genetic Algorithms",
# "Light propagation for trajectory planning",
# "Air Traffic Complexity based on Dynamical Systems".

On May 28, 2010 Dr Branka Subotic (alumna), researcher at NATS (United Kingdom) visited the Division and gave lecture on "Preparing for the next generation of Air Traffic Control systems".

On April 30, 2010 Dr Tatjana Bolic (alumna), post-doc researcher at Venice University (Italy) visited the Division and gave lecture on "Logistics in Warehouse - Fashion industry".

On April 01, 2010 Dr Tamara Pejovic (alumna), researcher at Helios (United Kingdom) visited the Division and gave lecture on "Understanding the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM) and its application".

On March 23, 2010 Mr Aleksandar Pavlovic (Consultant Air Navigation, ex-ICAO) visited the Division and gave lecture on "State Safety Programme for the Republic of Serbia".


On February 17, 2009 Dr Dieter Reisinger (Director Quality Operations, Austrian Airlines) visited the Division and gave four-hour lecture on "Flight Safety".


On November 11, 2008 Dr Dragana Mijatovic-Jovanovic design expert at ATC Netherlands gave lecture "Research of the relation between the KLM arrival punctuality, the percentage of KLM transfer passengers at risk of losing their connection and the sustainability of hourly capacity at Schiphol Airport".

On May 26 to 27, 2008 Prof. dr Antonin Kazda, dr Anna Tomova, dr Andrej Novak, dr Sandra Krollova and dr Benedikt Badanik from the University of Zilina (Slovakia), Department of Air Transport, visited the Department and gave following lectures:
# Dr Antonin Kazda, professor: "Airport planning and national differences";
# Dr Anna Tomova, assistant professor: "Value of statistical life and air transport safety";
# Dr Andrej Novak, associate professor: "Communication and navigation systems";
# Dr Sandra Krollova, lecturer: "Meteorological aspects of flying in mountain conditions";
# Dr Benedikt Badanik, lecturer: "Untapped potential of on-board advertising".

On May 8, 2008 "Economy and economic policy in air transport" seminar held at the Department, and following lectures are given:
# Nikola Maravic, MSc, dipl. ecc.: "Internet technology influence on user relationship management in air transport service";
# Prof. Dr Juergen Mueller (Berlin School of Economics & German Aviation Research Society): "Restructuring of the European ground handling market after the EU market liberalization";
# Jelena Zivanovic (Humboldt University Berlin): "Privatization, restructuring and its effect on performance: a comparison between the German and British airport sector".


In December 24, 2007, colleagues from EUROCONTROL HQ, Brussels, Belgium, Mr Zarko Sivcev Mrs Dragica Stankovic and Mr Vladimir Jevtic visited the Division. On that occasion they offer the following lectures:

# Mr Zarko Sivcev from EUROCONTROL CFMU: "Volcanic Ash Contingency" .
# Mrs Dragica Stankovic from EUROCONTROL DAP/SSH: "European Safety Program, Field 2 - Incident Reporting & Data Sharing" .
# Mr Vladimir Jevtic from EUROCONTROL DAS/SIS: "Local Convergence and Implementation Plans (LCIP)" .

Dr Bernd Lorenz, Human factor team Leader, EUROCONTROL CRDS, Budapest visited the Air Transport Department on May 8, 2007. On that occasion Dr Lorenz gave the lecture: "Human Factors issues in the validation of advanced air traffic management operational concepts: TCAS resolution advisory downlink, HUDs, Data link service implementation".

Professor Galina Suslova from the University of National Aviation, Ukraine, and ICAO Expert visited the Air Transport Department on March 28, 2007. On that occasion Prof. Suslova gave a lecture: "Safety Management System as an Instrument for Improvement in Aviation Safety".

Mr. Aleksandar Pavlovic, Head of AIS, ICAO, Montreal (Canada) visited the Division on March 21, 2007. During the visit Mr. Pavlovic give the following lectures: "AIS Role within the ATM Operational Concept" , "Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data" , and "Data Product Specifications: Terrain, Obstacle and Aerodrome Mapping".


Dr David Marsh, Manager of Statistics & Forecast Service, EUROCONTROL visited the Division on June 20, 2005. During the visit Dr Marsh was giving the lecture title "The Short, The Medium and The Long Air Traffic Forecasting"

In June, 5th 2005, Peter Trautmann, Chief Operating Officer from Munich International Airport visited the Division and offer the lecture title "Munich International Airport - Alliances and Cooperation in Aviation: The Munich Case"

In March, 25th 2005, Dr Lorenzo Castelli from University of Trieste, Italy visited the Division. During the visit, Dr Castelli was giving the lecture title "En-route charges: the present system and directions for innovative policies" .


In late July 2003, Tatjana Bolic, M.S. (alumna), a Ph.D. student at the University of California at Berkeley, visited the Division and held a lecture titled "Cognitive and Physical Utilization in Controller - Pilot Communications" .

In late May 2003, Mirjana Cangalovic, Ph.D. Associate Professor at the Belgrade University Faculty of Organizational Sciences held a lecture titled "OPL - Optimization Programming Language", and in early June, Snezana Mladenovic, M.A. from the Mathematics Division of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering presented a paper titled "OPL Application in Transportation - timetable design example" .

In early February 2003, Branka Subotic, M.S. and Tamara Pejovic, M.S., alumnae of the Department of Air Transport visited the Division. They presented their master's theses that they had successfully defended at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, USA. Ms. Subotic presented the paper titled "Transfer of Computer Based Training to AGATE (Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments) Simulator" , while Ms. Pejovic presented the paper titled "An Analysis of Impact of Personal Electronic Devices on Airline Safety".


Tatjana Bolic, M.S. (alumna), a Ph.D. student at the University of California at Berkeley, visited the Division in Late December 2002 and presented part of the "URET and CPDLC Integration Benefits" project that she took part in within the NEXTOR (National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research) program.

Zarko Sivcev (alumnus) from EUROCONTROL "Central Flow Management Unit", visited the Division in late December 2002. He held several lectures in the field of air transportation regarding new technologies as well as quality management systems in air traffic control and management and "low cost" air carriers.

On 6 December, 2002 the Division organized a visit by Norman Ashford, Ph.D., professor at the University of Loughborough in Great Britain. Prof. Ashford also held a lecture titled "Effects of global air transport trends on airport master planning and infrastructure development" .

In November 2002, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics, visited the Division and held a lecture titled "Possible DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Application in Air Traffic Control and Management" .

Dr Jasenka Rakas (alumna), researcher at University of California at Berkeley, visited the Division on September 20, 2002, and presented results of project "URET and CPDLC Integration Benefits" granted by NEXTOR programme (National Centre of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research) on which she participated.

Mr. Aleksandar Pavlovic (alumnus), Chief of Aeronautical Information and Charts Section, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO, Montreal, visited the Division during July, 2002. He gave a lecture with the topic: "Integrated Air Traffic Information Systems" .

In early April, 2002, the Division was visited by Ms. Brankica Pesic Le Foll (alumna) with husband Mr.Stefan Le Foll. Mr. Le Foll, deputy of director of ACC Bordeaux, France, gave the presentation of the results of project "Impact of route modification over France on Paris TMA Performance" .


Zarko Sivcev (alumnus) from the EUROCONTROL "Central Flow Management Unit", visited the Division in December 2001. He give the presentation with topic "Implementation of RVSM in Europe" .


Almira Ramadani-Williams (alumna), PhD student at The University of California at Berkeley, and Ashley Williams, Associate at Leigh Fisher Associates, San Mateo, California, visited the Division in December 1998. During their visit they offered the "Redesigning Flight Procedures in New York/ New Jersey Airspace" seminar.

Zarko Sivcev (alumnus) from the EUROCONTROL Central Flow Management Unit, visited the Division in December 1998. and offered the "EATCHIP - European Air Traffic Control Harmonisation and Integration Programme" seminar.

Dr Daniel Delahaye from ENAC (Ecole Nationale d'Aviation Civile), Ecole Polytechnique and CENA (Centre d'Etude de la Navigation Aerienne), visited the Division in April 1998. Dr Delahaye offered the lecture "Some Modelling of ATC/M System" .
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