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RCSF the subscriber Microsoft MSDN AA program. Within this program students RCSF Traffic School, who enrolled or renew the current school year, as well as staff at the Faculty of Transportation issued the original Microsoft software.

To rent the software:

  • You must open a MSDNAA account. Account is opened in the Computing Center of Faculty of Transportation (students must bring the index).
  • The person responsible for opening accounts is Sladjana Jankovic, coordinator of the MSDN program for Traffic Engineering. In the absence of the above work will be carried out system managers and Slavisa Mitrovic Slobodan Acimovic.
  • You are required to read and sign the Master End-User License Agreement for Microsoft Software.
  • After opening the account will receive an e-mail notification of your username and password and a web page where you can login.

To order the software you need to do the following:

  • to login to the site,
  • select tab Software,
  • from the popup menu select CD with software that you want to rent and click the Go button.
  • add the selected disc into your shopping cart by selecting the button Add To Chart
  • If you are offered more ways to let the software select the CD Check Out
  • agree to the EULA terms in the first order,
  • write your name on the first ordering and check your e-mail address
  • continue ordering another drive by selecting the Continue Shopping button and decide to order CDs by selecting the Check Out button,
  • If the software you are looking for is not listed, check again to
  • if there is, you can order it in person at the MSDN AA program administrator in the computer center

Important notice:

  • rented software can be installed on one computer that is your private property
  • leased software is not allowed to be used for commercial purposes nor copied
  • If you ordered the software requires the Product Key to be installed, the Product Key will get an e-mail when you order the same
  • upon termination of the status of student or employee of the Faculty of Transportation in Belgrade you can continue using the software according to regulations of the EULA document, but you can not rent discs
  • If you want to book software you need to sign.
  • reserved software can be downloaded on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 16 hours in the office of 114-1.
  • reservation is automatically deleted if you get the software for a period of seven days!
  • Students must bring the index!

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  MSDN program Coordinator: Sladjana Jankovic,
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